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Raising Our Vibration to Peace, Love, & Light

This week, I’d like to share a guided meditation to raise our energetic vibration. It’s an expansion of the ancient Daoist cultivation of the three dantians or three primary energy centers in the abdomen, heart, and head. The purpose of this meditation is to embody the frequencies of Peace, Love, and Light, so they become a baseline from which we can live our lives. In […]

Over-buying? Over-eating? Over-thinking? Over-reacting? Over-working? TRY INTEROCEPTION

This past week, I was in the supermarket with a full cart heading to checkout when a voice over the loudspeaker said, “In just 2 minutes at the back of aisle 11, we’ll be giving away a free gift to everyone who comes to check out these exclusive new items.” My first thought was, “Why would I want more stuff when I don’t even know […]

Dissolve Frustration & Stress with Infinite Spacious Awareness

What if frustration and stress is the result of locking into a specific way of looking at yourself, others, and Life?  In this post, I’ll give you an experience to prove this—and to dissolve frustration and stress, so you find solutions with lightness and ease. You may have heard the idea that matter is 99.9999999999996% empty space. Though this doesn’t match up with your everyday […]

Calm Spacious Awareness-Guided Meditation

This week, I would like to share a guided meditation I call “Calm Spacious Awareness.” The sequence of this meditation begins with cues for posture, relaxation, and positive energy, then moves into calm breath counting, expands into Infinite Spacious Awareness, and returns to calm stillness.  The purpose is to release tension and stress, cultivate calm focused attention, and awaken Infinite Spacious Awareness in which all […]

What To Do With Thoughts in Meditation

This week in The Muse Community on Facebook, the question came up of how to deal with thoughts during meditation. Two approaches were suggested: control thoughts by holding them on the breath or notice when thoughts wander and gently guide them back to the breath, like you would guide a small child. I suggested both approaches are giving too much weight and attention to thoughts.  […]

Stress Relief & Connection-Benefits of Cultivating Different States of Consciousness

This year for Christmas, my wife, Monica, gave me a Muse brainwave sensing headband.  After over 35 years of meditative practices, I was excited to see how the inner states I’ve cultivated correlate with what is happening in my brain.  The results are fascinating.  In this post, I’ll share two of these states of consciousness and their benefits.  One is Calm Awareness and the other […]

The Antidote to All “Your” Problems

When you feel stressed, angry, joyful, peaceful, appreciative, sad, or afraid, who feels this?  When you get up in the morning, who decides what you are going to do?  The obvious unquestioned answer is “me.”  This goes without saying.  Isn’t your whole life built around a sense that there is someone called “you” doing, thinking, and having experiences?  Isn’t your whole day built around the […]

A Different Kind of Resolution

When you think of making a New Year’s Resolution what comes to mind?  Is it a goal for your health, relationships, or finances?  Is it something you want to achieve or create?  How do you relate to making resolutions? Do they fill you with excitement?  Do they feel like too much pressure?  Do they get you motivated or are you resigned to the fact that […]

Welcoming the Light- Guided Meditation

On this day when we celebrate the embodiment of the Light here on Earth, I invite you to welcome the Light into your body, heart, and mind and share it with all beings and the Whole Planet. Enjoy this guided meditation I call “Welcoming the Light.” Blessings to All! (Click the link below to follow along)

Need a Quick Reboot? Try a Subtle-Body Nap

With the busyness of the holidays, the pressures of work and family, and all that is shifting on our Planet and within ourselves, sometimes we just need to take a short break to regroup and recharge.  I discovered this simple technique to reboot my system several years ago when I was seriously overworking.  I found that, in as little as 5-20 minutes, I could go […]