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Bad News or Negative Comments Sticking With You? Try This!

At times, we all get stuck in negative feelings and bad news we can’t seem to shake off.  Something in your environment (a hurtful comment on social media, bad news from a doctor, a story about a tragic event, or criticism from a colleague), triggers associations—and a mood comes over you that feels thick, heavy, dark, and sticky.  You get defensive, anxious, or depressed. Life […]

Focus Your Attention and Intention with Gassho

Since I posted my most recent article from Reiki News Magazine, I’ve had requests for a previous article, called “Secrets of Gassho.” In this article, I share why the Gassho hand position, also called “prayer posture,” is such a powerful way to focus attention and set intention. It is a wonderful way to initiate a prayer or meditation session that is backed by research into […]

How to Tune-In to What You Need to Know Now

Imagine for a moment, you are like a radio and you can decide what signal to tune-in.  The signal you select determines what information you receive and how you feel.  In this analogy, instead of radio waves, possible signals you can focus on include: outer sensations of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and tactile sensations; inner sensations such as pain or pleasure; and finer frequencies of […]

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Energy

Today, I’m excited to share an article I wrote that is being published in the Spring 2019 edition of Reiki News Magazine. While this article is focused on Reiki, in it I share some of the lessons I learned on my spiritual path, as well as four ways you can deepen your experience of the Life-Force flowing through you. Reiki means “spiritually-guided Life Energy,” which […]

Raising Our Vibration to Peace, Love, & Light

This week, I’d like to share a guided meditation to raise our energetic vibration. It’s an expansion of the ancient Daoist cultivation of the three dantians or three primary energy centers in the abdomen, heart, and head. The purpose of this meditation is to embody the frequencies of Peace, Love, and Light, so they become a baseline from which we can live our lives. In […]

Over-buying? Over-eating? Over-thinking? Over-reacting? Over-working? TRY INTEROCEPTION

This past week, I was in the supermarket with a full cart heading to checkout when a voice over the loudspeaker said, “In just 2 minutes at the back of aisle 11, we’ll be giving away a free gift to everyone who comes to check out these exclusive new items.” My first thought was, “Why would I want more stuff when I don’t even know […]

Dissolve Frustration & Stress with Infinite Spacious Awareness

What if frustration and stress is the result of locking into a specific way of looking at yourself, others, and Life?  In this post, I’ll give you an experience to prove this—and to dissolve frustration and stress, so you find solutions with lightness and ease. You may have heard the idea that matter is 99.9999999999996% empty space. Though this doesn’t match up with your everyday […]

Calm Spacious Awareness-Guided Meditation

This week, I would like to share a guided meditation I call “Calm Spacious Awareness.” The sequence of this meditation begins with cues for posture, relaxation, and positive energy, then moves into calm breath counting, expands into Infinite Spacious Awareness, and returns to calm stillness.  The purpose is to release tension and stress, cultivate calm focused attention, and awaken Infinite Spacious Awareness in which all […]

What To Do With Thoughts in Meditation

This week in The Muse Community on Facebook, the question came up of how to deal with thoughts during meditation. Two approaches were suggested: control thoughts by holding them on the breath or notice when thoughts wander and gently guide them back to the breath, like you would guide a small child. I suggested both approaches are giving too much weight and attention to thoughts.  […]

Stress Relief & Connection-Benefits of Cultivating Different States of Consciousness

This year for Christmas, my wife, Monica, gave me a Muse brainwave sensing headband.  After over 35 years of meditative practices, I was excited to see how the inner states I’ve cultivated correlate with what is happening in my brain.  The results are fascinating.  In this post, I’ll share two of these states of consciousness and their benefits.  One is Calm Awareness and the other […]