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A Different Kind of Resolution

When you think of making a New Year’s Resolution what comes to mind?  Is it a goal for your health, relationships, or finances?  Is it something you want to achieve or create?  How do you relate to making resolutions? Do they fill you with excitement?  Do they feel like too much pressure?  Do they get you motivated or are you resigned to the fact that […]

Are You Justifying Safety & Money Worries or Getting Free From Them?

These days on our planet, two primary worries run rampant—safety and money. You wonder if you can move about safely and get the resources you need and want. Because of world events in the recent past, you might feel justified in feeling afraid for your safety, security, and well-being.  News and politicians tell stories of who is to blame and who can be trusted—and you […]

Welcome to Clear Quiet Mind!

Hi, I’m Kevin Schoeninger and I’m so glad you’ve joined me here! The purpose of this blog is to help you release stress and self-judgment, boost your health and energy, and cultivate a clear quiet mind.  This is essential in the challenging times in which we live and in the personal challenges you face.  By subscribing, you’ll learn how to find calm clarity in moments […]